BALMSHOT Targets Lips Worldwide

"Our work with the Idaho District Export Council's Export Excellence Program opened our eyes to some great resources and led us to hire a new person. We now know there are resources available to us that are just an email away."


In 2015, BALMSHOT sought to accelerate exports by participating in Export Excellence, Idaho’s ExporTech Program to explore export opportunities. Wayne had some ideas about where he wanted to export but did not have a process for researching and targeting his best export opportunities. Export Excellence paired BALMSHOT with an Idaho District Export Council Coach and a Boise State University International Business Student who helped research export opportunities and create an export action plan. The Program introduced Wayne to a host of export resources that he could draw upon to help with global research and intelligence and export mechanics. BALMSHOT targeted a trade show in Germany that helped him learn about the European market and inspired him to develop a new organic product that was requested by German visitors. BALMSHOT also learned that Amazon was exploring a new model that would allow BALMSHOT to sell into European Markets using the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) platform instead of a local distributor.



Export Excellence provided a cost-effective way to research new export markets.

New Markets

BALMSHOT identified new markets in Germany & Canada.


BALMSHOT developed an organic product for global markets.

New Export Markets

Export Excellence provided an effective model for developing new export markets.

New Employee

BALMSHOT retained current staff and hired a new employee to handle record sales in 2017.

Developed Export Network

Export Excellence helped BALMSHOT develop a network of export resources the company uses to address ongoing export-related issues.