Coyote Prosthetics

In Other Words

“Ideally, amputees everywhere should have access to the best possible options. We focus on creating extremely high functioning prosthetics using less expensive and lower-tech methods that make our products more accessible. We plan to continue development in this area including methods that apply to folks with limited funds in this country and throughout the world.”

Coyote Design is a company based in Boise, Idaho that designs, tests, and manufactures components used in the fabrication of prosthetics and orthotics (P&O). The father and son founders of the company, Dale and Matt Perkins, are both amputees that had struggled to achieve their athletic dreams due to a lack of product quality and variety.

Coyote Design is led by Matt Perkins who through focus, determination, hard work, and desire became a world-class alpine skier and triathlete. Matt uses those same traits to develop P&O devices that are, in Matt’s words, “low tech, high function, and affordable”. Coyote is committed to improving the quality of life of a wide range of orthotic and prosthetic wearers around the world through research, development, and construction of innovative, high-functioning, reliable, and quality products.

As Coyote grew and attracted global interest, Matt saw an opportunity to accelerate exports by participating in the Idaho District Export Council’s (DEC) ExporTech Program. Matt and his Coyote Team were paired with a DEC Coach and a Boise State International Business Student who helped Coyote develop an action plan to expand into profitable export markets. The Coyote team used the program grow in Germany, India, and Taiwan. Matt focused first on Germany, a large market with an excellent healthcare system and a network of reliable distributors.