The seminar panel included Idaho Trade Representatives and export experts

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Idaho organizations interested in exports to Taiwan and South East Asia gathered at the Idaho State Department of Agriculture on Thursday, April 13 for the Northeast Asia Market Overview Seminar. 

The Seminar included the following:

China Highlights:

  • China is Idaho’s 4th largest export market.
  • Best prospects for U.S. exports: Agriculture, Aviation, Automotive, Cosmetics and Toiletries,  Design and Construction Services, Education, Energy, Environmental Technology, Healthcare

Taiwan Highlights:

  • Taiwan is Idaho’s 2nd largest export market.
  • Best prospects for U.S. exports: aerospace and defense, electric power equipment and energy, ICT & telecommunications equipment, machinery and tools, medical devices, education, and franchising. Travel and tourism. The best prospects for U.S. exports for agriculture-related products include soybeans, beef and beef products, corn, wheat, and fresh fruit.

Japan Highlights:

  • Japan is Idaho’s 5th largest export market.
  • Best prospects for U.S. exports: Agricultural Sector, Financial Technology, Aircraft and Related Parts, Industrial Machine Tools, Medical Devices, Civil Nuclear Power, Cloud Computing, Defense Procurement, Nuclear Decommissioning, Pharmaceuticals, and Semiconductors